Project JaazOS

Android for the Data Centers worldwide
We are Polish-British joint venture established in March 2017 in London, UK. Our mission is to develop the new concept of Web Operating System that will be like Android for the Data Centers worldwide. Thanks to the distributed model based on Blockchain technology our software will not only solve common day problems of owners of Data Centers and web hosting companies but will at the same time be huge software marketplace and advertisement channel. As part of the suite, users will receive Application Web-store called JaazGo from which they will be able to download any components they will want to put on their web pages. From Image Galleries to Internet Forums. Everything under one umbrella with a simple payment system including one time fees and subscriptions. From the other hand on free sites, we will be selling a banner space for our customers. The JaazOS will be simple to use and manage by the owners of the Data Centers. After installing Java Application Server they will need to deploy one single file to it and later configure the whole OS in easy to use a graphical wizard. Afterward, they will receive a complete web hosting environment for mass-market users. An environment that will serve their customers from day zero.