Project Agency Icole

First in Poland ICO/STO Consulting Agency
Security Token Offering (STO) is a successor of better know Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO had many problems and challenges that STO is trying to fix. One of the biggest issue with the ICO is that is fraud-prone. There is no guarantee that the issuer will not disappear with the money after successful emission. Partially that problem was addressed by escrow wallets, but STO is much more secure than that. In the STO emission, we are not issuing a coins that so often are not bound to any real value but just shares of the companies. Our company is first in Poland, if not in the Central European region, that is focused not only on ICO but foremost on the STO. We want to provide outstanding consultancy and help all those interested in ICO/STO emissions. We will be helping them or will prepare for them a complete set of digital assets necessary for successful emission. That will include not only ICO/STO compatible tokens but also Whitepaper, website and promotional video. But that is not the only thing we will provide. Besides the consulting we will provide a complete ICO/STO portal that from one hand will allow entrepreneurs to handle the whole process of emission and the investors to give a possibility to rate and invest in projects. However, we will also focus our platform on the post-STO process of managing their shares by providing help in participation in lives of companies they have invested by holding online shareholders meetings, votes, dividends and delivering quarterly and annual records. Thanks to our location we can not only provide cheap services and the product but foremost we are able to deliver our promises at all. Unlike other agencies that are mostly based in the United States, we do not need to worry about the SEC. Europe is open and friendly to digital securities.