How to enroll your STO

The Security Token Offering is a successor of Initial Coin Offering that is better know as the ICO. Unlike in ICO in STO, you are offering not a coins that are often not bound to any real value but just shares of your company.

This model is a combination of equity crowd-funding and Initial Public Offering in a secure manner thanks to the block-chain technology.

Unlike IPO, the STO is designed for startups as well already established companies that do not have resources to enter the real stock-market.

By performing STO your company will not only raise the money but have a chance of finding strategic investors that will further contribute to it by their experience and advises.


First, you must formulate the idea and prepare the business model for it. To easier your task it is worth to try to draw a Business Model Canvas that will help you better define your business.

Secondly, you need to find the correct place to host your project. In the Agency Icole, we are not only offering compressive consulting services but whole ICO/STO platform to perform ICO/STO emissions and support you in the life after it.

You can register and apply for free. We do not charge any entry free until you will want us to support your project through any of our premium packages. The only thing we are charging is 3% success fee and 5% of emitted tokens.

After providing the basic data like your full name, email address and the password you must choose your role. Choose Entrepreneur if you want to continue the process of enrolment.

Now the last thing in the registration is to confirm your email by clicking the link in the activation message sent to your address.


Now you are almost ready to enroll for STO emission. However, before you will create your first project you will need to provide some more information on your profile. Click on User Profile in the Dashboard and provide information like your address, short biography and the links to your social media.

Now you are ready to enroll. From the Dashboard click on the link Create Project and fill basic information about it. You will see that some of the tabs in the project editor are currently under construction. Do not worry, at this point, you will need to build a community of investors around your project. So the first thing to do is to present it to the world.

When you will be ready with the data and images click Submit Project button and the bottom of the screen. Now you must wait for our approval before the project will go public. You will receive a confirmation email when this will happen.

After that, the investors from all over the world will be able to follow the news on your project, comment and rate it.


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